Daily Express: 'Patients will suffer' GPs in UK can't cope with workload pressures

Thousands of stressed GPs say their patients are being failed as an "unsustainable" workload leaves medics at breaking point.

Daily Mail: Where HAVE our family doctors gone?

Shock figures show just one GP for every 2,200 patients.

PRESS RELEASE: New poll finds, 1 in 4 GPs know a colleague who has taken their own life – as they warn of a dangerous shortage of family doctors in Britain

Ahead of Mental Health Awareness Week, GPs come together in an emotive new video asking for support to boost the workforce. Rebuild General Practice is calling for Government to deliver on what it has previously promised: 6000 new doctors.

The Times: Jeremy Hunt joins BMA call to stem ‘bleed’ of NHS doctors : Former health secretary voices concern over ‘Uberisation’ of GP services

Independent: Former health secretary voices concern over ‘Uberisation’ of GP services

Financial Times: GPs warn about patient safety as they tackle care backlog

The Guardian: Over 80% of UK GPs think patients are at risk in their surgery, survey finds

Daily Mail: Warning over patient safety as poll shows 87% of GPs say they are too snowed under with work


Campaign - Rebuild General Practice - launches as a new poll shows nearly 9 in 10 GPs fear for patient safety. GP shortages and too little time for appointments were cited as the main factors putting patients at risk. Jeremy Hunt MP joins forces with BMA and GPDF to call for a GP workforce plan to Rebuild General Practice.

Polling: Rebuild General Practice