General Practice is in crisis. Patient safety is at risk.


Demand for GP appointments is outstripping supply. There are simply not enough GPs.


Patients should be able to consult their GP when needed. GPs want to deliver this, but the system is in crisis.


  • GPs are delivering more appointments than ever before
  • But the long-standing workforce crisis coupled with growing patient demands is creating an unsafe and unmanageable situation for primary care
  • This is leading to patient frustration, GP burnout and will put patient safety at risk


In 2019, the UK Government promised to deliver a workforce plan for General Practice and the NHS in England. In 2022, we are still waiting.


We represent GPs from across England, Scotland, and Wales, and are calling for support to Rebuild General Practice.


This must include:


  1. Recruitment: The UK Government delivering on its commitment of an additional 6,000 GPs in England by 2024.
  2. Retention: Tackling the factors driving GPs out of the profession such as burn out.
  3. Safety: A plan to reduce GP workload and in turn improve patient safety.

Rebuild GP Emergency Press Conference Reel

It’s time to Rebuild General Practice together.